Right now.

Right now, a moment in timespeaking now, or listening.Thinking or randomindifferent thoughts.Reading reasonable things;texts, posts, pages, sites.All part of my master plannamed Procrastination. Yes, procrastination is always my“right now”it’s pretty nice. Like now,I am trying not to stop.Stop the typing,thinking.Just keep writing.Beat the live preview.I want to feel awesome.Is somethingwrong with me?No, I am just initiating myMaster… Continue reading Right now.

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Apologies with curse words.

My apologies for not keeping up with my blog. I have been busy with school, work, and myself. I’m not going to cry anymore, fuck that. What is crying going to do anyway; eyes become pussy, face and chest red, nothing else.  I don’t want to be how I am anymore, I am going to… Continue reading Apologies with curse words.