Music To Her Ears, Sadness In Her Heart

Sitting up there, alone, yet not alone. As he plays guitar, and plays his heart out. She fights not to cry, the sadness overwhelming her, she says no to that beast in her heart. He plays well, very well. She loves it, very much so, but it’s a bit painful. Why must is sound so sad, has it always sounded so sad? To her ears?

A tear falls down her check but she wipes it away, he continues to play. He plays the song of happiness, freedom. She can feel his joy through the music, yet it always has a sad tone to it. Especially when he sings, especially when he sings. She looks to him, for inspiration, while listening. Looking for something to make her happy. She found it! It’s like he is playing for  her, on the stage he sits on, like he is in front of a crowd. But he only looks at her.

She smiles now, wipes the sadness from her heart and listens. Listens with her heart full of happiness, joy, love. Even though this music has a sad tone to it, she loves it. She listens with her heart, it’s music to her ears, and it’s no longer sadness to her heart, it’s love.

She thinks he is handsome, the light, not so perfectly shining on his features. The light is soft though, soft enough to make him look precious, precious. She wants him and all of his  talents to herself, is that selfish? Yes it is, but she still thinks it. But oh, when he sings. It’s amazing, but, she can’t help but feel envious. An amazing talent, voice, and guts. He can forget about his fear of singing or playing in front of people. She can not. She sings, but she is afraid. Afraid of judgement. It’s all erased though when she sings, she loves singing, but she is afraid sometimes.

That girl, sitting on the balcony, listening to the man she loves, a smile on her face as she realizes he doesn’t play to irritate her, he plays it for himself, but also to make her realize that this is what he wants to do. Of course she’ll get jealous at the fans, but that’s alright, because… He is always looking at her. Just her. No one else. The man she loves is looking at her.

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