424 to 1,000


You know what I want this year, the end of this year, I want a 1,000 views on my blog! I really want that.

You know how you can help? Tell people, share this blog, please! It would be amazing as this is my first blog. It would be really nice too! And awesome X-mas gift. What would also be nice if you read the posts, comment! Tell me what you liked, tell me what you would like to read, just talk to me. It would be wonderful and it would make me feel like I am noticed.

You know on my last post about poetry, that picture. I took it. I take all of my photos that I soon plan to add with my posts, when they are meaningful.

I am going to add pages soon, the pages will be titled of my novels, and if that doesn’t work out I’ll do something else. Haha. Any ideas?

Oh, what are you New Year’s resolutions, tell me about it! I love hearing these things.


On another note, I wrote a short story from and acronym. I’ll post it later. Also today I was scratched by my cat charlie, he was mean!

Isn’t he cute! BUT HE IS A DEVIL. Scratching me while trying to run away. It wasn’t nice.

4 responses to “424 to 1,000”

  1. Hey!! Luv the blog, how many visits have you received so far? I hope it’s getting there!! I love your photos, what kind of camera did you take them with? Wow. I’m like an interrogator or something. lol. Soo my New Year’s resolution is… to work harder at school :) I’m not giving anything close to my all right now, which seems to be posing a problem…
    So yeah! Paige is awesome, and on that note I go browse the rest of your blog =D

    • Thanks? Haha. I have a lot. I need to check it. I take my pictures with a Fujifilm JX310. It’s awesome.

  2. Adorable cat. The easiest way to get views is to go out and comment like a crazy person. (this is what I am doing right now :) ) Read people’s stuff, comment on it, at least 50%, if not 75% of the time, they’ll be nice an reciprocate with at least a cursory read of what you’re writing. Sometimes they’ll even comment or follow!

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