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How these days are spent

These snowless days are spent alone, and bo~oring. My lover is off having the time of his life, and I am very, very happy for him; but you see... I am sitting in my bedroom, basically wasting away. I sit on the computer watching Netflix, occasionally checking Facebook (Which is highly unpopular), Deviantart, and some other miscellaneous websites that… Continue reading How these days are spent

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Music To Her Ears, Sadness In Her Heart

Sitting up there, alone, yet not alone. As he plays guitar, and plays his heart out. She fights not to cry, the sadness overwhelming her, she says no to that beast in her heart. He plays well, very well. She loves it, very much so, but it's a bit painful. Why must is sound so… Continue reading Music To Her Ears, Sadness In Her Heart

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What family gatherings?

My favorite type of family gatherings? I really don't have any. I have been to a couple of family gatherings. My Uncles birthday party, which was pretty fun, despite sitting around and doing little to nothing. I went to my boyfriends' family Thanksgiving, which was alright, despite sitting around eating and sharing stories, which I… Continue reading What family gatherings?

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424 to 1,000

Hello! You know what I want this year, the end of this year, I want a 1,000 views on my blog! I really want that. You know how you can help? Tell people, share this blog, please! It would be amazing as this is my first blog. It would be really nice too! And awesome… Continue reading 424 to 1,000

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A poem about POETRY – through my eyes

    Poetry, Rhythmic Rhymes of sound and tunes. Tickling the tip of your tongue as you sing that lyrical idea you plotted on paper. Emotional thoughts and feelings of all sorts, Expressed through Motion, Language, and Sound. That lyrical, Rhythmic passion your voice creates, Echoes in a tight room and the meaning, along with… Continue reading A poem about POETRY – through my eyes


Looking forward to J.1.2012.

My New Year's resolution means a lot to me. The year of 2011, so much stuff has happened that I am not proud off, so many tears, to many cuts. It was a painful year. This coming year, 2012, I wish to change. I want to change how I always just follow, I don't want… Continue reading Looking forward to J.1.2012.


What is the most beautiful thing to you?

A beautiful woman, and an average girl. One knows much more than the other, thinks so much more than the other. And that other girl, she thinks of jealousy, and sadness. She doesn't want any of that knowledge from that other person, that person who is so strong. Compared to the woman, the girl is… Continue reading What is the most beautiful thing to you?