December Never Ends

December Never Ends is a story that I have written between 2009-11′. It’s not that long, and I stopped for a year on writing it. I finished it during the school year and I never typed it up. Well, I decided that I don’t want it to sit on paper anymore, and I am going to type it up, then post it around the internet on various places to try to get it known. I might write other stories too after I am done and then maybe find out ways to become published. I don’t know.

But this is what I strive for, I want to go to college and become better at writing, and I want to become and author. I have no other ginormous dreams. Plus it will already be a bit of a hassle being someones wife, but it will be worth it. :)

Also, next semester in school, I am taking a Creative Writing class. It has DMACC credits and normal credits. There is a new law that says if you are not proficient on the ITEDS, I think, then you can not take classes that offer DMACC credit. :( So, sadly, I took that test and I was non-proficient in the math section, because I didn’t try hard. I should have tried hard.

Well… Today is a Wednesday, meaning late start for school. I am eating food so, I want to finish eating it. :)

One response to “December Never Ends”

  1. Good luck on achieving your dreams. Good luck with being a wife to the man you love. Good luck living the life you will never be disappointed in. To you madam i wish you Good luck my friend

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