10 years engraved on my life line.

If I had tens years remaining on my life span, would I really try to live differently? I am not quite sure. I mean, I tell myself all the time that I need to change how I do some things but I never really can do it. It just stops after a while. If I could change for my life, I would. I would change the way I treat people, I would probably try even better in school so I can get a good education, I would get more jobs so I can save up money to try and visit around the world, see the places I want to see. I would strive to become a writer, oh! This prompt just sparked some inspiration for me. Haha. Inspiration for a story. Now I am happy. I really want to change how I live, but for me it is like… I have to change something that I don't like first in order for me to change or else I will revert back, and I always do. But, this time, I will try and change, I have work now, so I can work at changing. Jumping out of my bubble. Being friendly and open minded. Maybe I will change for the better now. Hah. Well, I have to end this short or long jist of what I would do, and I have to go to work.

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