Hello to 11/11/11 at 11 PM.
I woke up great today. I didn’t feel tired, the shower was just perfect and I didn’t feel like crap, I was however very cold. That is, however, besides the point. The point is, I think today, might have been one of the best days of this school year.
Let me tell you my steps into the great day.
After I got dressed and all, I had a bowl of cereal, I didn’t have to worry about any of my school supplies hanging around and being forgotten because, I always put them away before bed. Anyway, after I ate, I skimmed Facebook and deviantart then I had to leave to catch my bus. It actually wasn’t that bad, even though I wanted my own seat. :/
So I got to the shuttle bus to take my to the actual school, I was a bit irritated with everyone around me but my mood got better with time. :) I listened to lovely music provided by Adelitas Way. :D  I love their songs, awesomeness. Today also happened to be my Swedish friends birthday, so I was excited for that. I got to school, got chocolate milk and also had my own tea so I was set. It was delicious, :)
U.S. history was good, I have a C so I am happy, but not satisfied.
Algebra 2, I am not happy with that grade, but it bumped to a C, so I am still not satisfied.
In Chem, I have a C, Not satisfied still and I did so fun stuff. Quizzes. :D
Then I had Chinese, which is a B-. I am trying to get up to an A. But, I am partly satisfied for now. :) It turned out that Catherine, my Swedish friend, didn’t show so I was a bit upset and bored out of my mind.
Then I didn’t have P.E. (a B by the way) so I went to lunch with my boyfriend, we didn’t talk much, I thought he was irritated with me, later on that changed. :D
After that I hung out for second Lunch with my usual posse, who I am getting irritated of. Haha. Oh well. I am wanting to go to Palmers for lunch, but I have no way of getting their. :(
When I entered English, so bo~oring. Three speeches were held and they didn’t do well. One stuttered and choked but went on still, so I will give him that. Another didn’t have really interesting points, bad outline and conclusion was a “That’s it” Not got at all…. And the last, I don’t blame him, but I couldn’t understand because of his voice impediment. And he was nervous so he was tapping his shoes and it was really annoying. I also didn’t hear any thing about his notable person. I feel so mean. :/ Also, we started watching a movie, Freedom Writers. I like it so far, I can’t wait to finish it! It’s really interesting. :D
After English (also a C) I went to Algebra 2 lab, a class I don’t need really. My grade is a B. Anyway, half of the class was gone so we got snacks because it was my teachers birthday so he gave them to people. Half the class was gone due to a volleyball game they “went” too. I drew hearts all over the board so I am proud, haha. I finished my work. Then I have the last class as open campus.
I hung out with my lovely man, we talked, cuddled, and he slept on my lap. :D
Then, work. Palmers. I love it. Really. honestly, it’s really fun. My parents visited me and I joked around with them saying “I can spit in your food” Haha. It was fun, really fun. I loved it. Though my back and feet did hurt. I got a free salad and 40z of a Snicker Apple Salad. :)  It was yummy.
My salad consisted of; Spinach, romaine,and iceberg lettuce. It had carrots, peas, ,cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries(bad choice), broccoli, egg, mandarin oranges(another bad choice), black berries(icky). The cheeses were cheddar and mozzarella, or however you spell it. I also had French Dressing. :)  yummy. yummy. It was also colorful. :D
Then I got home and now I have to go to bed. I work at 9 AM and got til’ 4 PM.
Happy Vets day!

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