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December Never Ends

December Never Ends is a story that I have written between 2009-11'. It's not that long, and I stopped for a year on writing it. I finished it during the school year and I never typed it up. Well, I decided that I don't want it to sit on paper anymore, and I am going… Continue reading December Never Ends


A Life You’ll Never Love

(This is a short preview of a new story I am working on.) I can't remember anything before the age of five; it's like a black screen, nothing was there... But, what I can remember is something I wish I would forget. I remember my fathers' rough palm across my mouth, muffling my screams and cries.… Continue reading A Life You’ll Never Love


10 years engraved on my life line.

If I had tens years remaining on my life span, would I really try to live differently? I am not quite sure. I mean, I tell myself all the time that I need to change how I do some things but I never really can do it. It just stops after a while. If I… Continue reading 10 years engraved on my life line.

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Hello to 11/11/11 at 11 PM. I woke up great today. I didn't feel tired, the shower was just perfect and I didn't feel like crap, I was however very cold. That is, however, besides the point. The point is, I think today, might have been one of the best days of this school year.… Continue reading 11/11/11