My anxious quivers, and the butterflies at the bottom of my stomach.

Oh, those nervous tingles, butterflies in your stomach, goosebumps along your arms. It's a strange feeling, and it can make me a bit nauceous depending on the situation. I get those anxious quivers a lot. I get them everytime I stand up infront of a lot of people, when I have to do something in front of them, like speeches. I hate speeches, I am always afriad people are going to judge and I realized that I am not the only person who thinks like that, it was strange. Haha. I also feel nervous when I first wear something different, I feel self-consious and out of place, but I am learning to get over that.

I get really nervous when I am around the love of my life. He makes me anxoius and nervous and giddy, it's amazing. I am always nervous to do something around him, afraid that he will laugh or mock me, but he won't. That doesn't mean I won't be afraid to do it though. Haha.

That is basically what makes me nervous, oh! Tests and big exams, I don't want to fail on them.

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