It was different, will it always be like this?

So, yesterday, October 15, I slept at my friend Sam’s house. It was awesome, her dog loves me now, and I am so glad. She used to bark at me all the time and growl and just be, well Onyx (that’s her name). Then after that, we (Chris, her brother, Sam and I) all played Rock Band for Wii, it was fun. I tried out the drums! AWESOME. I played DDR too. For the first time. I got good on the last song I played. Haha. It wasn’t that hard, I really want it now.

Today, I got a ride to a school from Sam’s dad. I went to see my boyfriend, and as I was waiting for him I saw my friend Tommy, and we threw rocks across the busy road. It was awesome. I made it across the entire road like, five times. Then I saw Nick and ‘Sammy”. Nick likes to call his friend Sam that. Then Sam B left and Nick and I walked around, talked. Hung out. Then we had to leave, I had no ride home so I began walking, and there was this creepy guy following me who stopped off the side of the road to just walk a ways behind me… It was scary, so I called my friend Grant and he came and picked me up. ^_^ It was all good. Nick also gave me his jacket. :3 Made me happy.

I feel like things between me and him will be awkward or tense… I don’t know. It’s all different and… I don’t feel comfortable? Something like that, like I’m weary. I’m nervous besides the occasional comfortable feeling that pops up… I don’t know if something is wrong… It may be from him, like a tense atmosphere, but I don’t know… Hm…

Well, I’m gonna go, see ya. PLEASE COMMENT!!!

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