The attention of the ENTIRE world, what would I say?

If I had the attention of the ENTIRE world, I think I would say; "Smile, no matter what. It's not your fault for anything, it happened and if you can't do anything about it, then that's it. You can't. Don't push yourselves, be yourself, you'll be fine, but never forget to smile, and don't worry about telling other people your problems, if they care, they will listen. That's what friends are for, and if you feel like you have no friends, talk to me, I'll be your friend."

I don't think that could take two minutes but I would try and tell everyone that. I would love to say a lot more because I know a lot of people are hurting out there, I musn't be the only one. I would say these things because, I think I would of liked it if someone told me this when I am sad or upset, I think it would of made me feel better.

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