I will always love you.

Such a long one, wow. I kinda got off track, sorry!

I feel like I have been in love a lot, but I realized that it has only been once. A strong love that will never go away. It all started around last year, the day I met this guy, who seemed pretty feminine, but really… He was. That is part of the reason I started to like him. Every guy that I have dated before him never lasted, it always seemed like I loved them, but then I thought… What if this happened? Would I be sad? Yes. Would I move on? Yes, easily. So I figured I wasn't in love. BUT, this guy. This guy… I fell in love with. We shared so many things, basically my everything, his everything. We were eachothers first and I feel like he would of been my last. I love him, I still do, even though we are not together. I didn't think through what I was doing, we were going through a rough patch and all my emotions were far behind me. I broke up with him, and I was fine for a couple of days, but slowly… Slowly my pain and broken heart clicked. I broke his heart, and my own. I realized, this is the one. The one and only guy that I love. I realized that I don't feel any attraction towards any one other than him, I can not see myself with anyone but him. I may have ruined our future dreams together because of my childish foolishness. I was honesly stupid for throwing everything away and trying to run from it all. I realized that I was in LOVE with him, and I believe that I will not be in love with anyone for a while. I wish him and I could get back together, but it would never be the same. He would never be the same, for me and my childish mind, I think I would just put everything in the past, but he wouldn't be able to do that… It hurts me thinking how much we have changed… It's sad, and lonely, but I am trying to move forward… I wish it could go faster, I don't like this dragging on.

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One response to “I will always love you.”

  1. This is what I am gonna tell you. You will know the one, not just by you thinking so, but… when the one also sticks with you. Thinks you are the world and sunshine. Won’t leave you.. Loves you for you. If they leave, even if through bad times, they are not it. They are not for you. If they deal with you at your worst, they aren’t worth it. If they aren’t worth it, they aren’t the one.

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