Mobile updates

So, I’m at school on my cell phone updating. I have the android so I’m able to feel pretty awesome. Haha.

So, my friend Holiday got her first boyfriend! I’m so happy for her, haha. She is freaking out about it though, do scared on what to do! It’s adorable. She asked me “do we kiss? Is it all slobbery? What do I do?” I couldn’t help but laugh. I told her she could tell me anything. Haha.
Then my other friend just had her first makeout. Oh wow. It is all so funny… But sad. I still don’t have the one I want. It’s hard and I think I am doing something stupid.

I’m trying to hook my friend up with the guy I can no longer love. I want her to be happy. She is so much stronger than me physically and mentally. She would be good for him. He would be good for her. So much better than me. I’m depressing myself and digging a hole. What do I do…

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