What am I thankful for…

What am I thankful for? I never really dug into the question…

I am thankful for my life. Even though it is rough at times, it’s still worth living. Everything is worth living for, it’s my life and I can change it too.

I am thankful for my body and all the senses it comes with. I love all my senses, without them I feel like I would be empty. Smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing, hearing. All of them are apart of me and I never want to feel like I don’t have them. I need them for my life. My body is my body, imperfect as everyone else’s body, I accept it as mine only. I can’t see myself in any other body.

I am thankful for my electronics and all the inventions we have created. Without these devices I would have no contact to the world outside my city or my mind. The internet expands my knowledge whether it be true or false. Communication devices let me contact people everywhere and anywhere. It’s wonderful to even have what I have. Without any inventions I would not even be typing right now. What would life be like without it.

I am thankful for all the people on this Earth. Without everyone, you would never have friends, never have new music or possibly inspiration. Without it all you would never have your favorite author or artist, what would Earth be without that.

I am thankful for this planet. I love the solar system and I love that we can live on a planet as beautiful as Earth. The nature and the air is so precious and lovely that I would be so afraid if it was gone in a second. Everything would be scary and dark.

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