Sore morning.

I wonder if all the mornings from now one will be sore… Until, obviously, I get used to the work out then I will need to bump it up. Yep. I can already feel my abs getting used to the crunches and sit-ups.  Push ups are easy.

For my work out routine, I am starting off on a low level.  It’s very easy and maybe a bit pathetic but, oh well. It’s not much either, but I will eventually add more to it, if I can remember it all. SO~ In the mornings I do 30 sit-ups and crunches. Then 10 handicapped push-ups. Then before bedtime or sometime in the evening, I do the same sit-ups and crunches but normal push-ups. Some sit and reach and leg stretches. /sigh/ So easy. I used to over work myself though so.. I don’t know. To me this is level one and I think in a week or so, I can move to level two. 50 sit-ups and 50 crunches, and possible 15 or 20 push-ups. Then maybe I can add some squats or bridges in the evening and some chest press or chest flies in the morning. I don’t know.

Already ever other day in school I walk, jog, and sometimes run. I have Phys. Education, Wellness. So I usually take the treadmill, and we have heart rate monitors, so I have to get my heart up in the zone which is over 130. I can do that easily at walking at a 4.0 on the treadmill. I jog at a 6.0 and I run at 7.0 and up. I like running, it’s fun.

Okay, so I just finished eating my food, we didn’t have any milk so I couldn’t eat cereal, so I ate four pieces of cinnamon sugar toast. Mm. Yummy. I am going to go brush my teeth, wash my face and hands then do my Math homework. (sarcastic) It’s gonna be so fun!

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