How would I spend this… So confusing.

That would be a hard decision. I don't know what I would get.

For one, I never have money on hand, it's all my parents. When I do get money I never know what to get. I want a lap top but I don't want one. It's confusing.


Um. I would like to get art supplies and writing supplies, if not that maybe a mini laptop. I might buy some stuff for my wardrobe to tighten it up to how I'd like to see myself. I might spend it on some delightful snacks, maybe some books. Or I would save up for college. Hm.

If I have to choose, maybe a mini laptop for around $500 – 600. Then after that, I would probably buy a few journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, art pens and pencils. A good camera, like the one I want it $279 at Wal-mart. It's a canon. So, I would say after all that I have around little less than 200. So then I would go to good will or a cheap place and buy a few shirts or pants, or buy a good messenger bag, since they are my favorite. Haha.

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