Your answer

Answers ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
Those are two words that I fear.
With ‘yes’ happiness is never low.
With ‘no’ sadness may shed a tear.

Whatever you choose,
it’s your choice.
It’s win or lose,
I promise to keep my voice.

I have my heart set
on you and only you.
It’s alright if it’s not met.
Think of yourself too.

I’m fine on the sidelines.
Just watching your smile.
I won’t step on these mines,
And break it for a while.

I’m sorry you have this choice.
I’ll wait patiently for your answer.
I can handle either side.


This is a short poem about my situation. It’s all true and it came from my heart. I’ll be sad if the answer is no, but I can live with it. Even though I know I will cry because I put my heart into it. /sigh/ Life is life, it can’t always go your way.

Wish me luck? I may need it…

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