So, I love music. There are a lot of bands that I like and a lot of songs that I love. I love listening to the radio and I love blaring music when I need to up my mood. It’s nice and fun. /sigh/ I didn’t do homework today, I need to do it tomorrow. I need, need too. Ugh. I hate being behind on crap. If I am behind I always want to do it before I do any recent homework. It sucks.

I took pictures of my drawings, and I am going to upload them to facebook and to my deviantart. ^_^ I like how they look on my phone.  Ooh, I love my hair. I really do. Hehe. I am growing it out, I wish it would grow faster but that won’t happen. >_< I love braiding my hair and I love doing things with it. I usually don’t put on makeup so I need to do something with my hair. Haha.

This was just a small update. I watched youtube all day and I also watched the movie: No Strings Attatched. That was a good one. I might watch The Priest now too. I don’t know.

5 responses to “Music”

    • It really depends on my mood. When I am happy or up-beat or doing workouts, techno, rock, R&B, alternative.. stuff like that. When I am upset, obviously depressing songs, sad, slow… Jazz, classical, sometimes ambient. When I am calm and all, I like listening to classical. Smooth classical music. I sometimes listen to rap and I love foreign music.

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