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My brothers friend Jaime(male) came over! He is one of the few friends of Seans(brother) that will actually talk to me! It makes me feel awesome. And liked. Of course. People who talk to me make me feel like I am welcome and not out-casted. Jaime is going off to college, I don't know where,… Continue reading Friends

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Poetry of My World

Three simplified stories become my reality. Music inspires me, Words create my world, Love holds it my mind and body together. Take these away, I won't be myself anymore. My simple stories mean everything, and descried who I am. Three simplified stories become my reality. --- I really like how I wrote this. I posted… Continue reading Poetry of My World

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I'm stumped on so many things. What to do... what to do. I have no idea. I want to write, but I am not in that comfortable zone, I feel like I need things done first. Like I can't do this becasue I haven't taken that shower, I can't take the shower because my clothes… Continue reading Inspiration

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Sunday Afternoon

 Today, the weather looks and feels amazing. It has been raining like... for the past two days. Clouds were looming over us and it was really depressing. (> o <) The weather is finally cooling down, and it shot down pretty quick after our storm two days ago. At this momeny, all the fowers seem… Continue reading Sunday Afternoon

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Intro: Charlie

This is Charlie. We have had him for little over a year and he has grown so big! He is declawed on his front paws, so he can still hook everyone with his back claws. I don't mind it at all. Charlie is silent and never really meows, unless he really wants something! Haha. Charlie… Continue reading Intro: Charlie

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Intro: Baby

Baby! She is adorable, and so fiesty! She seems sexist as my boyfriend says so. She hisses at guys, I have no problem with it. Baby is one hyper thing. She never stops to breath! Baby is our newest addition, if you read my Into: Charlie post, you would understand. We got Baby from my… Continue reading Intro: Baby

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Intro: Paige

Hello! Are you happy? I am! You should be too!! Smile! (• v •) I'm your socially awkward person. I don't have a lot of friends, but the friends that I do have, are close. I envy a lot of people, I know I shouldn't.. (>_<) I think I am fine where I am in life… Continue reading Intro: Paige