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你好。我姓龙。我叫龙美珍。我的英文名字是Paige Powell。我的中文名字是龙美珍。你呢?请问您贵姓?你叫什么名字?他呢?他是谁?他是你的同学?他叫李文中。
我爱柏生。柏生的英文名字是Nick。他的中文名字是柏生。柏生是我的同学。他是美国人。我也是美国人。 他是说英文,我也是英文。
你好吗?我是很好。我说一点儿中文。 我会说很好英文。

That was my Chinese fest. I will write more and more in Chinese everyday, I love this language. ^_^ it makes me happy. I am also notifying that my relationship is good. I am together again with my boyfriend. I will follow him and accept what he chooses to do for his life. We may not agree on everything but, that is alright. We don’t have to agree on all things we talk about.  My cat, Baby, is doing very well. I am so proud of her, she hasn’t torn her stitched open yet and tomorrow is the third day of non-strenuous activity. ^_^ I hope she gets back to her playful self. Anyway, as to question of what I wrote above, here is the translation.

Hello. My family name is Long. I am Long Mei Zhen. My English name is Paige Powell. My Chinese name is Long Mei Zhen. How about you? May I ask your honorable last name? What is your name? How about him? Is he your classmate? He is Li Wenzhong.
I am a student, I am not a teacher. He is also a student, he is also not a teacher.
I love Bai Sheng. Bai Sheng’s English name is Nick. His Chinese name is Bai Sheng. Bai Sheng is my classmate. He is American. I am also American. He speaks English, I also speak English.
How are you? I am very good. I speak a little Chinese. I can speak very good English.

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