Lost Loves Never Were So Lost as You Thought.

Well, true story I guess. I lost a deep loved one, or so I thought…

My ex now knows all of the dirty (not really sexual in any way) deeds I have committed, they are not really meant for a happy blog like mine, so I shall not share. Anyway, I have been a bit, okay that is a lie, I have been really down and depressed and stuck in a rut these past weeks. When I broke up with my boyfriend, it didn’t click with me right away, later on, when I realized how much I missed him, it clicked. Oh boy did it click. I stopped eating a lot and started up on bad habits. My stomach hurts so much right now because of the food shortage. Ugh. He was upset on all of the things he found out about… I was upset too, but me being me, I hid behind a mask with no emotions, apart from my eyes which held back tears.

We talked the whole time and spent time talking with each other. We never really did that. It was a new change, nice for once. I liked it. Talking with him made me uber happy. So the good news is; after some time to myself and trying get the point out that I will not cheat, lie or hurt anyone, out and about, me and my ex will get back together and start a new relationship.

I am happy to get to be with my most beloved, and possibly the only person who will accept all of me, I am happy to be with him once more. Yet, I am also a tad bit sad that my fun times being a tease and humongous flirt is over. That is me after all. It’s not all gone, I just have to tone it down a bit, but that is fine. Hehe.

I hope all of the people with relationship issue get it all solved out. It will all work out in the end, and if it doesn’t then it’s not the end. Keep working hard!!!

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