I have been skipping my classes again. Haha. It’s fun but I shouldn’t do it anymore. It’s not good for my record. I am in the library right now, listening to Tom’s Diner by Susanne Vega. I love this song. I have been so stressed out lately, I can not wait for the weekend, I need a break, just by myself and at home.

I have been so upset and I have been getting hot flashes easily, it hurts in a way. I was really depressed earlier today, just thinking about the past and things that I can’t do. It really makes me mad that I can’t really change anything about myself, willingly. I want to but it is hard.

I am in pain, my T.O.M. is coming up, and I don’t like him. It hurts and I can’t do much. It hurts to walk at times too. I need to take meds. I need to learn more songs on the piano and catch up in my classes, it could be bad.

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