Rainy day, busy weekend.

I’m sorry I haven’t updated for a while, nothing really big happened. This is what happened this week:

1. I went to Milwaukee. My father had to go there to get his Wisconsin license, I forgot why. I left on Thursday, around 2-3pm. So I ended up leaving school. We went home and I got crap for the trip, and we left in a rental car-A Nissan 2012. It was weird in a good way. Anyway, on the way there I decided to make some bracelets. I just learned this and before the trip I made two. On the trip I made a larger one, six different colors, six different strings. I really like making them. We stopped at Wal-Mart and I got a soda and some kit-kats I ate them all. No one wanted any. We bought a speed-o-meter or whatever, so we could speed to get there quickly. It was fun. I listened to my iPod most of the way. My phone was dying too, so I used my laptop to charge it. Then we arrived after 5 hours and before we got to our hotel we stopped at two places. The first place we stopped at my family’s’ friend, Robin, house. It was nice, we talked and got updated. Then we (my father and I) left my mom and brother there to talk and stuff. Father and I left for our old house. But before that we went to see my father’s friend, Trish. They were best friends and she is a nurse. She is really nice and a little on the chubby side but that isn’t bad. I like her. I got to see the lake and I got to see my first cat Dexter, he is so cute and cuddly. I miss him so much. I took a lot of pictures of him. My aunt and father talked and shared information. I just sat with Dexter. Then we had to leave, we went through town and we picked up Mom and brother, and said goodbye to Robin. Then we headed over to this other place, Dean and whats-her-name, that was a strange experience. They we welcoming and I didn’t remember them, I remember the names, but I couldn’t put it to faces. It was weird, and out of my usual comfort zone, but I liked it. Haha. I wouldn’t mind visiting them again. After that we left and went to our hotel that sucked. I shared a bet with my mom, and she snores so loud! Haha! Then  we got up and dad left to get his license. Oh and before we got to the hotel, we ate at Griddlers Cafe, and it used to be a place called George Webs, the best place ever. They got sold out, my dad also has a really by tooth so he had to go to the emergency room. My mom did 60 in a 35 construction zone, she got left off by the sheriff, she was lucky. Very lucky. Okay, back to the hotel in the morning. Dad left, I sat around doing nothing, then dad came back and mom and Sean left. Then they came back, we all went to Dunkin’ Doughnuts and got doughnuts and some breakfast, then we were on our way home. We stopped at a Wal-mart and got gas and continued. On the way home I was so worried because I was afraid that I would not make it home on time to hang out with my friend. And I ended up not making it home on time. But on the way home, I made another bracelet. A braided one, Halloween colors. It’s pretty. (^_^)

2. When I got home, I got dropped off at the Library, and looked for my friend, but he wasn’t there. (Sadface) so I ended up walking by his house, I was so desperate to see him. Haha. He makes me happy, as I have sad to many people. So I ended up waiting and walking, then I called my name twin, Paige C. And I asked what she was doing and I asked if I could spend the night, so I ended up doing that. They were heading over to the hospital and I tagged along, it was sad, but it was alright. It was fun there too. Then we got home and I watched an awesome movie: Thor. It was awesome, so cool, and the guy was hot. Hah! After that we went to bed, but instead I talked about guys and so did she. Haha. It was fun. Then we fell asleep. The next day we hung around for a bit, then we talked and then went to a birthday party, and I was so sad. I wanted to go jump on trampolines and all!! I was sad. I had a chance too but they denied. It was so sad. I ended up crying. (Sadface). After that we went to the hospital and hung around again and then her cousin Jonah came, and I had even more fun. Paiges brother was so~ annoying though. Hahaha! Then we went out to the hospitals park. Then we left after more fun. On the way home I called my momma and she said it was up to me to come home or not, and I didn’t. So I slept over again, and then in the morning I took a shower and I got all clean!!! Then had some toast and did my makeup. I packed up all my stuff and we went to church, even though I am atheist. The kids annoyed me in daycare. We went to service and I didn’t pay attention, I am atheist. I appreciate the religion, I just don’t practice it. Then, after all that stuff we went home and relaxed for a bit, and then they took me home and then stuff happened.

3. Here I am now. I got a new phone, and I am texting. I need to clean my room and I need to get to sleep around 11pm. I have not much to do.

That is my update, enjoy!! (^_^)

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