The sleepover was awesome. Just awesome.

I got to her house, I was introduced and then we went down stairs, we started out talking and being weird and then dancing and ambient leg dances. Haha. We talked about her Native blood and my sucky heritage. We talked about things that she see’s and that paranoid me! Haha! She gave me a bunch of cute ass clothing that I love! I’m wearing some right now!! It makes me happy!! Um. I drew in her sketch book and we talked and shared our story ideas, I think today, I am going to write after I finish my homework! (>_<) We went to bed but I couldn’t sleep until like 3 am. I was scared and paranoid and the weeping willow out back freaked me out. I kept asking if she was up. It was funny. When we woke up we ate breakfast and walked around saylorville and talked about photo shoots and what her dad likes and what we like. Then, We found some bones. Raccoon bones, I made mine into a bracelet(the spine) and hers is a necklace. Mine has feathers on it too! I love it. It looks pretty. Haha. Then we got back at her house and we got a bunch of clothing and makeup and accessories and went to go out on a photo shoot, it was so much fun, we got wet (I dropped my camera into the water and all my data is lost!!!) and laughed and got naked in the cars to change. (>///<) We got hit on by old creeps!!! We were by the gorge and a park ranger came up to us like “Ladies, you’re not supposed to be down there…” And he talked with us. My friend is all like “thank god were cute girls or we would be so busted!” Haha. It was funny. After that we left to get food at McDonald’s and she dropped me off. It was a wonderful time. I’m a bit bored so here is my outro poem:

Warm suns and gentle skies,
Light the day that will soon pass by.

This land we hold,
is the land we seek.
We mold this world until we grow old,
We create our own for we are all unique.

When you cradle this land,
that you can not call your own.
Be gentle and grand,
For the flowers that are outgrown

have unfurled in your hands
to reach out towards the skies.
That’s why we shall cradle these lands,
To protect them from lies.

It was inspired by my Native American friend who I spent the night with. I really like this and I hope she will too. (^_^)


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