Afternoon Skies(Update)

I’m laying on a bench; watching the blue sky stand still, feeling the breeze whisper through my hair, the sun warms up my skin.
There are no clouds to make the sky move.
As the sun sets the sky becomes a deeper color, setting a romantic mood.
It’s the end of another wonderful day!
Everything and everyone is returning to their homes to get rest and prepare for the sunrise,
the beginning of a new day will soon arrive!

Well, today was wonderful. I am soon going to spend the night with my friend Kasi!! It has been so long since a sleepover! I miss it. (>///<) I hung out with a couple of people I normally never hang out with and it was fun but somewhat annoying, they were picking on other people, they don’t need to do that. I could tell why they did it too. There is 1. A lot of people and they want to seem cool around them, 2. Friends obviously, 3. It’s fun to them. Ah… They don’t understand. Stupid kids. Kind of. (>_<)

I just got done eating a Chicken Pot Pie and two pieces of Cinnamon Sugar toast, and a Peanut butter sandwich. I just finished a glass of milk. Yummy!

Well I got to go, time to hang with Kasi!! I’m happy!

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