Sunday Afternoon

image Today, the weather looks and feels amazing. It has been raining like… for the past two days. Clouds were looming over us and it was really depressing. (> o <) The weather is finally cooling down, and it shot down pretty quick after our storm two days ago. At this momeny, all the fowers seem to shine so brightly, and it’s like the vibrant green trees love the sun more than ever. They are so beautiful!

Everything here seems to compliment eachother so well, it’s nice. It makes me happy, and want to take a walk, but my clothes need to be washed before I even step outside.

I don’t get to see my boyfriend today, but that is alright. These past weeks have been so stressful, it’s a bit overwhelming. I can handle it though. I still need to find a great way to vent. I am done with bad old habits. Today is a new change and I am going to stop being a pessimest! (>_<) It does me no good! I need to see the glass half full!! (^ v ^) I hope I can keep up with this attitude!

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