I’m stumped on so many things. What to do… what to do. I have no idea. I want to write, but I am not in that comfortable zone, I feel like I need things done first. Like I can’t do this becasue I haven’t taken that shower, I can’t take the shower because my clothes aren’t cleaned. I need to clean my room. Ugh. I feel like I need to be in order, yet I look around me and it’s all disorganized!! (v_v) 

I need to type up my first book that I wrote, it took me a year, it’s called “December Never Ends(c)” I like it. (^_^) So do some of my friends. I am also writing another short story, well two. One is called “One Meeting(c)” and the other is “Calligraphy Club(c)” I really like the titles. They all mean something so significant. (> v <)

When I write I am influenced by manga, books, movies, people, everything. I love writing and I love the feeling of making what I see come to life through words! I love vocabulary. Words are amazing! They really are. So many feelings can come from simple words. Love is a four letter word in English, two letter word in Chinese and Japanese(ai) but the character is one. Love in different languages can look so different but it means the same thing. Love is a simple sounded word, and spelled simplily, yet it can be so complicated it can leave you dumbfounded. It’s a confusing feeling that can be mixed up with so many other feelings. Love like you love your family, love like you love your loved one.

What is a loved one? Someone you would give everything for? Something or someone so precious that it would kill you if it dissappeared? I have someone that I love very deeply, it’s amazing. Love is a wonderful feeling, so precious and new. It’s also very confusing, but that’s alright.

I just turned this post from inspiration to love and feelings, well I do get a lot of my inspiration from my love life and love stories I read!! (^ . ^)

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