Evening Walk

Today I went for a walk to see if I can see my friend walking their dog around town. So, I was walking around and I passed through a cul-de-sac and I saw children and pre-teens playing with family, I couldn’t help but smile. It thought it looked like so much fun! I wish my family was like that, but it’s alright, if my family did that, It would be very strange.

I am a bit inspired so here is a really small poem. (^_^)

There was a cool, sharp breeze that made my teeth click.
The weather was a bit uneasy but the view was amazing.
Green leafy trees reaching up towards the violet colored skies while the sun sets behind me.
Shadowed birds fly from the trees towards the other side of the road to find their resting place.
The moon rises from the ground to spread its’ wings of darkness over the land, it’s time for the night to engulf my world.

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