Intro: Paige


Are you happy? I am! You should be too!! Smile! (• v •)

I’m your socially awkward person. I don’t have a lot of friends, but the friends that I do have, are close. I envy a lot of people, I know I shouldn’t.. (>_<)
I think I am fine where I am in life right now, the things I have and all. (^_^) Sure I want more, but, I can’t. Not right now.
I’m a teenager, mature for my age, yet I am so~ a child!
Music inspires me, words create my world, love holds me together.
Life around me is changing, and it’s beautiful, yet sad; because the things I have known so well are changing. That’s alright though, everything changes.
I love photography, art, writing. Those are my hobbies. The thing I do most, is listen to music and try to figure myself out through the internet, which is going fine. (^ v ^)
I’m here to express my self in creative ways and take pictures of my daily life and introduce the people and things that are close to me.
I’m learning Chinese through my class, and it’s a blast! I really enjoy foreign languages with characters for writing!

I have two cats: Charlie, and Baby. I love them, though they can hate me. I love all animals and I can’t imagine myself hurting any of them! Yeah, I’ll squeeze them with a lot of love… Haha. But they are fine.  My favorite manga/anime is Kodomo no Omocha or Child’s toy. It’s awesome. My second and the first one I have ever read is Full Moon wo Sagashite, and that is by Arina Tanemura; her art is amazing, and it inspires me. I have a website at deviant art. (^_^) It’s a lovely welcoming place!

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