Intro: Charlie

This is Charlie. We have had him for little over a year and he has grown so big!
He is declawed on his front paws, so he can still hook everyone with his back claws. I don’t mind it at all.
Charlie is silent and never really meows, unless he really wants something! Haha. Charlie is so loveable and adorable at times, even though he isn’t a cute kitten anymore. He got fat. (0_0)
Charlie will always be like my little brother who hates me at times… He will keep on coming back, he can never be replaced. (^_^)

Charlie is the third cat I have had. The first was Dexter, he was my very first cat and I miss him so much. We got him when I was young and we had to leave him behind at our old home in Wisconsin with my other family, I hope he is well. My second cat was Ally, she was all black. We had to take her back because she was sick, she used to meow the word “hello” through out the house. It made me laugh so hard. (> v <)
After Charlie, we got another cat, his name was Cracker. He was pure white, and fat. I laughed so hard when he kept meowing this strange sound on our way home! It was halirous yet sad. He was older than Charlie so this was a problem… We had to get rid of him… (T.T)

Then we got another kitten, his name was Smokey(I named him) and he was my cat. My cat. I loved Smokey so much and, I miss him so much. We had him for half a year, then we had to get rid of him because he had distemperment. He was loving to me… I miss him…. (; . ;)

Then we got Baby. I love her. Her introduction is next.
Then we got another

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