Intro: Baby

Baby! She is adorable, and so fiesty! She seems sexist as my boyfriend says so.
She hisses at guys, I have no problem with it.
Baby is one hyper thing. She never stops to breath! Baby is our newest addition, if you read my Into: Charlie post, you would understand.

We got Baby from my brothers friend and she was so small and timid and cute. I didn’t help at all! Haha… We have had her for a little over half a year, and she is still so small.
I love taking pictures of her because sometimes she is actually still! (^_^) She is so silly.

Charlie is declawed and all, but I think we won’t have the money to declaw baby, it’s expensive! (>_<) That’s fine with me, but someday she is going to claw my whole face off. Haha.
She can be so stuuuupid too! She likes hiding under our carpet! That’s not safe… (0 . 0) She likes attacking Charlie, and he can get aggressive[thanks to me]. We were going to name her Skidmark, her colour explains it. Haha.
My father suggested the name! (^ v ^) He is so retarded!

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