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你好。我姓龙。我叫龙美珍。我的英文名字是Paige Powell。我的中文名字是龙美珍。你呢?请问您贵姓?你叫什么名字?他呢?他是谁?他是你的同学?他叫李文中。 我是学生,我不是龙美珍。他也是学生,他也不是老师。 我爱柏生。柏生的英文名字是Nick。他的中文名字是柏生。柏生是我的同学。他是美国人。我也是美国人。 他是说英文,我也是英文。 你好吗?我是很好。我说一点儿中文。 我会说很好英文。 --- That was my Chinese fest. I will write more and more in Chinese everyday, I love this language. ^_^ it makes me happy. I am also notifying that my relationship is good. I am together again with my boyfriend. I will follow him and accept what he… Continue reading 中文

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Lost Loves Never Were So Lost as You Thought.

Well, true story I guess. I lost a deep loved one, or so I thought... My ex now knows all of the dirty (not really sexual in any way) deeds I have committed, they are not really meant for a happy blog like mine, so I shall not share. Anyway, I have been a bit,… Continue reading Lost Loves Never Were So Lost as You Thought.

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For this weekend I had no electricity. It was so cold and dark. Everywhere I went(at night) I had to bring my candle. >.< I don't like the dark that much so it was a bit odd. Oh well. On Saturday I hung out with my friends, it was so awesome! I loved it. Haha!… Continue reading Electricity

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I have been skipping my classes again. Haha. It's fun but I shouldn't do it anymore. It's not good for my record. I am in the library right now, listening to Tom's Diner by Susanne Vega. I love this song. I have been so stressed out lately, I can not wait for the weekend, I… Continue reading Classes

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Rainy day, busy weekend.

I'm sorry I haven't updated for a while, nothing really big happened. This is what happened this week: 1. I went to Milwaukee. My father had to go there to get his Wisconsin license, I forgot why. I left on Thursday, around 2-3pm. So I ended up leaving school. We went home and I got… Continue reading Rainy day, busy weekend.

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So many…

There are so many things that get to me. It feels like I can't grab my wings and flee. Life is hurting, Lost loves are painful. I can't help my flirting. Even though it can be baneful. Don't tell me what to do. I already have so many worries. You should just find someone new… Continue reading So many…

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Well, sad thing to say is I left my long-term relationship with my boyfriend. It was around 8-9 months. I was sad for around two weeks, it was upsetting and things just didn't go how we planned. My feelings for him have faded and overall, my heart wasn't there. Then I found out that my friend… Continue reading Relationship

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The sleepover was awesome. Just awesome. I got to her house, I was introduced and then we went down stairs, we started out talking and being weird and then dancing and ambient leg dances. Haha. We talked about her Native blood and my sucky heritage. We talked about things that she see's and that paranoid me! Haha! She… Continue reading Sleepover

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Afternoon Skies(Update)

I'm laying on a bench; watching the blue sky stand still, feeling the breeze whisper through my hair, the sun warms up my skin. There are no clouds to make the sky move. As the sun sets the sky becomes a deeper color, setting a romantic mood. It's the end of another wonderful day! Everything… Continue reading Afternoon Skies(Update)

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Evening Walk

Today I went for a walk to see if I can see my friend walking their dog around town. So, I was walking around and I passed through a cul-de-sac and I saw children and pre-teens playing with family, I couldn't help but smile. It thought it looked like so much fun! I wish my… Continue reading Evening Walk