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About Paige

Music inspires me, words create my world, love holds me together. I love photography, art, writing. Those are my hobbies. Even though life takes me to places that show me at my best and worst, I still appreciate it. All the things that I learn and experience; that is what makes me whole. Life in general is amazing to me, I want to live it to the fullest. I see my self as an author and an artist! I want to jot down all the details of the world and doodle all of the people I meet!


Hey! It’s been a while, or a short amount of time. I’m not that sure. I just recently made a YouTube channel and I am going to attempt uploading videos on the regular, I don’t know of what, I just want to Vlog at the moment.

I recently ordered a subscription to Loot Crate go check that website out if you are interested in Gaming and Geek gear! Also, Think Geek is a pretty awesome place to get stuff too. Any who, I filmed an un-boxing video of this months theme Fear. You can check it out here: (click me!)

I am pretty proud of it, of course it could do much better, I will probably get better at is as I persist in doing it. My friend asks if I want to be YouTube famous, and I am not sure. I just want to make friends. I mean, make more friends.

Work has been fun, this Friday there is a dance at Vision Night Club that I can get into, so I plan on going there. Also, my work is dressing up and since I don’t work that Friday, I am going to go in dressed up I think, I want to get my books, and some jewelry.

I really want a desk up in my room, I am sick of using tiny tables. I want everything to be finished with this remodeling thing, I am getting sick of this unfinished stuff and my snake has snake mites and it will probably be inevitable for him to get it again since i can’t thoroughly clean the environment around and outside of his cage. There are cracks in my floor and window and walls and mite can be hiding anywhere that I can’t get too. Even bug bombs might not work. I have a lot to do for my snake because I don’t want him to suffer.

I work around 1 PM today, and I am pretty excited to get my mind off things. I might hang out with my friend Holiday today as well, but I am not sure.

Holiday, Prompt #4

Best Halloween costume you’ve ever been in. Go through the entire process of creating it and the reactions of your peers.

Well, the best costume that I’ve been in was a Pocahontas costume my dad made for a school project, that isn’t Halloween though. The best Halloween costume that I’ve been in was a witch costume that we bought from the store. It was probably one of my favorites. I had a wig and everything and I went trick or treating with some neighbors. It was back when I lived near the hospital and had a lot of fun outside, middle school days. The reactions I don’t remember because it was a dull past, but I remember there being a giant candy bowl at our house and that I walked along the sidewalk and it was very cold. That’s what I do remember.

Holiday, Prompt #3

In a burst of charity, you are planning to be the best Halloween house in the neighborhood by giving away the best candy. Go through the day of preparation and detail your holiday evening. How have the children reacted? Have you sample one too many of the goodies, perhaps?

I would try to get all sorts of candy and separate some into different groups.

1 group of skittles(sour, flavored, regular). 1 group of peanut and peanut butter(recess, peanut butter M&Ms, snickers, etc). 1 group of chocolate(milk, dark, white, kisses or bars, etc). 1 group of nuts like walnuts and other minority. 1 group of misc like milky way or whatchamacallits. 1 group of goodies that aren’t candy but fun Halloween rings or vampire teeth or accessories. And 1 mystery box which will remain a mystery.

I would ask each kid if they would like which one and they would pick, and they would probably ask for more, but be denied unless they are absolutely adorable or have an amazing costume.

I will also feel pretty fat at the end of the night, since I would probably conduct challenges for the kids and they’d have to beat me. It is just so I could eat candy.

Holiday, Prompt #2

You have a 16-year-old daughter who wants to go to a Halloween party with all of her peers. You take her to the Halloween store to find an “appropriate” costume. She is resistant to most “conservative” choices. Describe the encounter, your feelings, and what you end up deciding on.

Well, if I had a daughter and she was already 16 years old, I know she would be sassy like me. She’d be a smart mouth but an intelligent and sneaky one. She’d probably like the clothing I pick out for her, but she would want to be more revealing to challenge her friends and get people to like her more, because that is what most 16-year-old children want, attention. Since she would be sarcastic with me most of the time, I would obviously get irritated and probably use the ‘mother’ card and try to guilt her to be quiet or something of the sort. Hopefully, though, I would think back to my time as a 16-year-old and let her get something that accents her beauty but is still conservative. I would try to relate to her since it is a ‘been there, done that’ situation. When I was around 15 or 16 I went Halloween shopping with my boyfriend at the time and I tried on a roman outfit that had slits down the side and it showed off my belly button, some hip, and some leg. It was  appealing yet conservative. I’d let her get that. It accented my curves and it was white and gold. It’s some what of a timeless classic. Or I would make her dress up as Marilyn Monroe. Sexy yet conservative. I would want my daughter to feel confident, sexy, and yet still be a lady. she doesn’t need to dress as a skimpy nurse (yes it is fun sometimes but that is for when she is older).


Okay! I know I said I was going to post everyday, but my sickness got worse! I didn’t realize that it’s almost been a week since I’ve been sick. I went from having headaches and a cough to being exhausted, in the E.R. with issues and asking work off because of it. I had a severe headache and my tonsils were incredibly swollen and it hurt to open my mouth, talk and swallow. It was very painful. I couldn’t breathe through my nose, it was clogged and I had chapped lips at all times. I lost my voice for a bit too. I went to the E.R. and got an IV, pain meds, and antibiotics.

I am feeling like I am getting better, but we will see.

I apologize for saying I would update everyday and then not… That was bad but I was ill!

I’ll try it again when I am feeling at least 80% I am at like a 45%, the “I can function but I think I should relax” state. I was at a 5% percent at work yesterday and that is apparently the “I don’t give up because of my strong sense of responsibility” state. I was at a 1% percent state this morning which made me call in and its called “You probably should relax all day and get some strength since its healthier for everyone.”

I am relaxing and getting back up there.


Today is going to be short, I have a serious headache and sore throat. I am probably getting sick. Work was fun today but the pain of my headache dulled it more than it should have been. I really like doing register, I get to talk to pretty much every customer in the store! It makes me happy to talk with so many people. I have discovered that I can probably soak up all information in all different areas and be good at them. It makes me happy that I can probably adapt easily.  I am going to bed now, I want some rest.

Craving Cola

Here I am again, craving some coca-cola and wishing the headache away. Also listening to my relatives bicker. I am not calling them parents because they don’t act like parents when they fight or argue. Oh well. I want to help fix it but they probably wouldn’t even take in anything that I say.

Today I was on register at work, for the first time. All day. It was actually fun, I was intimidated by it at first since I would have to be even more responsible and I don’t like fucking up or feeling like one, or even disappointing others because of a mistake I’ve made, but I have come to realize that the place I work at, isn’t like that. It’s nice. It actually feels like we are all a team and we are all here to help everyone. It makes me really happy, and comfortable. I am like the job more and more. I miss baking at Palmer’s but I am much happier talking with customers and making new friends and learning new things, I couldn’t necessarily do that at Palmer’s since I was in the back, sort of behind the scenes, baking all the time. I am glad that I am working at Stuff etc. I think it is kinda cool that I keep sticking to Iowa based stores. It’s ironic that I want to move out, yet here I am finding jobs only in Iowa.  I got my keyboard from my moms today, I am going to use some time to myself and relearn some things. I want someone to teach me how to read music properly, or else I will keep cheating and using the internet for video tutorials. It’s not a bad thing, but I want to teach myself somethings, and I think it’d be amazing. I want to succeed!

This is a short update, since I did post something already, but I am going to update everything. I am an open book, as me anything! Absolutely anything! I will give an answer if it is appropriate.

Holiday, Prompt # 1

Okay, I am starting the book, 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas for Blogs, Scripts, Stories and More by Bryan Cohen. I am going to try to attempt every single prompt that is possible, and then if something comes up where I have not experienced it yet, I will make it up and put it into a short story sort of deal. Ya feel me? Sorry, that wasn’t professional. Anyway, I will start-up a page on the main site, and link all my posts concerning these prompts. I might not post a prompt everyday, or I might, and then post some more topics that are unrelated, like what I will do today.

Without further ado, prompt # 1:

Explain your most memorable Halloween: from the candy you received, the costume you wore, the environment of your neighborhood (if you trick or treated) and why it has dwarfed all of your other Halloween experiences. 

I was very big into anime at the time, and I had a few shitty friends that I hung out with because my mother worked with her mother,and she was close to my age, I was older though. She was pretty cool, which is what I thought at the time. She was outspoken and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind to whomever. And that isn’t always a good thing… Anyway… I dressed up as my favorite character, Naruto. I didn’t have short hair though, I just work all orange and drew whiskers on my face, and I roller-bladed throughout the neighborhood. I didn’t get candy since I was having too much fun rollerblading. It’s memorable because it is a memory where I was exploring new things, I’ve never attempted to dress up and I was getting out of my young comfort zone. I was also being stupid and trying to fit in where I didn’t belong. I don’t belong anywhere, I am everywhere and I am in my own category. If that makes any reasonable sense. It is also memorable to me because it is when my hardcore Naruto fangirling happened. I was on the Naruto forums, and that is where I met amazing friends, some of which… no most of which didn’t last. Only two actually still continue today. And it’s been around 6 to 7 years since those friendships started. I was really into watching anime at that time, and now I am more into reading it. I like the art and story line. I get involved physically when reading. It’s pretty intense.

That is about it for that little version down memory lane. It wasn’t that much but I just remember dressing up as Naruto, so pretty much I cross-dressed. I don’t know what I will be doing this- just kidding. I am going to be a mermaid. I have blueish green hair and I got the perfect skin tone for my seashell necklace, I don’t know what I will wear exactly though. I am thinking something blue, obviously. A blue dress or something. Anyway, that is all I have for this day.

As We Know It

Time is passing by pretty fast it seems. I am meeting a lot of awesome people at my new job, and it is a 180 degree turn-around from working in the food industry. I miss baking sweets a lot, and I miss eating all the time, but I don’t miss the solitude that I had to deal with. I do miss the regulars that I came to know there. I now work at another Iowa based company, and I am meeting a lot of new people. I love it. I love that it is completely different and I love that I feel comfortable there. It seems like everyone enjoys my company, when they come across it. It is really different working there than Palmer’s but it is nice. I am enjoying it a lot.
I am probably going to be broke every payday though, I have a feeling since I can buy literally anything at Stuff. Another thing, I recently fed my baby, Leviathan, a gerbil. He likes them, it was a decent size too, and I am pretty satisfied with how full he looks. It makes me happy that he is full and happy.
My cat is always annoyingly adorable and the dog is always… unique. (Isn’t that funny)
I got a boyfriend. I thought I can share that with everyone. He is pretty awesome. I feel happy and content and I am never bored in his presence. Its nice. We have a few things in common and we both like talking about the depths of the universe. We have some deep conversations about life, and those are the best kind of opinions to be heard… In my opinion.
I got the wedding photographs edited, I don’t know if I am going to be getting the two 8GB flash drives that I transferred the images on, but it isn’t that big of a deal. I like giving things to people.
I have decided to pursue my dreams, even though I always thought that, I always truly thought that they meant nothing in the real world. The only fear I have, is me coming to hate my dreams/hobbies. I don’t want that to happen.
I want to be a writer, or a photographer, or an artist. I would love to be a travel photo-journalist, or a traveling artist/hobbyist. It would be awesome, because my biggest goal in life is to travel to the places I want to go. I’d love it so much.
Winter is around the corner! I am kinda excited about it. I visit my mother more often now, maybe its homesickness that I feel when I just ‘feel’ like visiting mom.
That’s all I can really think of, I’ll be doing writing challenge’s or poetry to post everyday.