Save Money for my ultimate goal Be happy with the choices I make Do the things that I love more often Read many books, my goal is two a month and if I can more.  Exercise and become more healthy Get to know myself more in depth, as well as my friends Practice the six […]


My playtime is spent at anytime during the day or night. I do whatever makes me have fun, whether it is laughing, working, doodling and what not. My serious playtime( or boredom) is when I have nothing else to do, and so I find something to keep me busy. My playtime and free time happen […]

It’s like everyday life.

There are many times where I feel unsafe, ironically, I feel safer in a plane than in a car. I feel safer in a blizzard than a severe thunderstorm. I can not recall the time where I felt uncomfortably unsafe, however, I can say that I feel unsafe in the strangest times. It happens more […]

Becoming better in time.

I like to believe that I am good at what I do. I am a baker at a Deli only known in the state. I've been the baker there for almost six months, but I learned quickly. I am not as awesome as I could be, but that takes time. I've worked at the Deli […]


It’s time to start thinking about my resolutions.  These are going to be hard. I have a list of top 5 I am going to prepare. My most important! Either three of them or two of them are going to be drastic changes and the others are going to be minor but helpful. I’m excited […]