Inspiration leaks in ‘cool’ places

I've never really blogged from a strange place before! I blogged via Note 2 from work, and home, and after a run. I also blogged in the car or at the library, however, I never blogged anywhere strange. Now, summer of 2014, or spring, which ever type of weather I can handle better; I will […]

Hamburger cupcakes

I attempted the fast food fun at it turned out pretty nice, people like it and the muffin/cupcake is pretty moist. I also made sugar cookie French fries. They are awesome too. The don’t look that great, but it tastes awesome.


When I hear a beautiful song, if the song is happy or sad, I become over emotional. I'm filled with a mix of happiness, envy, and joy. It overflows with tears or my breath catches in my throat and its hard to breathe. When something is amazingly beautiful, it's intense and I feel it. I […]

Sunday food.

Im pretty addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I’m taking a break from it, because all I do is sit and watch it. It’s unhealthy, so I decided to get out and eat at hu-hot with an old friend. It’s nice. I’ve been looking back in my old journals and I’ve been thinking of designing my body […]