Wings Finally

I got my first tattoo. It hurt near the end when working on the second wing on my left shoulder. It was painful because she first did the outline then worked on shading and coloring on the white wing and by the time we got to the left, it was really sore and it hurt […]

No Fear

This is the tattoo I hope to get very soon, as soon as this Saturday, the 27. This means a lot to me, I drew it and it’s hard to explain. The fallen feathers seem to indicate a loss on an emotional, physical, and spiritual loss. To me it is saying “Hard times may cause […]


The thoughts that cloud my mind and heart.

I feel like I want to go off the clock. Everything is hard, my thoughts towards all my friends, like all the paranoia. “Are they really my friends?” “Why aren’t we hanging out?” Stuff like that. Other people tend to make my thoughts worsen because I get too attached and I idolize too much. This […]