She was exposed, bare and naked straight to the core of her inner self. Everything was in plain sight; her brown wavy hair, the shape of her face, the arc of her lips the curve of her breasts, and the contours of the rest of her body. Her face was red from emotions that surged […]


I want to be touched with passionate hands, with a sentimental kiss, with a sensual warmth. It’s unbearable, this yearning. I want to be loved by someone who will love me for me. I want to love someone as much as I loved him. I am afraid to love physically, for my tears will spill because […]


You know what’s hard? Trying to find someone to fill that hole in your heart. But what’s even harder, to be with someone when your heart is filled with someone else, eventually your mind will follow. It’s hard to control that yearn for your true loves touch, and kiss. It’s hard to watch all these […]


Well, I’m now single. The person I loved most broke up with me, because he didn’t love me like he did. I saw this coming, just not this soon… Not this soon. I’m okay, for now, I let a lot of tears fall during school, was able to focus a bit. After school I went […]


So, I think I am starting to love reading. I’m and so engrossed in my books. I’m finishing my Blue Blood’s series. I can’t stop reading it! I almost finished The Van Alen Legacy but my boyfriend and my ex showed up. We are driving around and watching retarded videos. Now were in McDonald’s. I […]

Drown yourself in music

Do you ever have those times when you just want to escape from everything? When that happens to me, I want to blare music, throw my phone out the window, scream, cry, sing as loud as I can… Even though I suck. Today is a day like that. I’m wanting to blare my music and […]